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Family Engagement Policy

Harmony Elementary

Parent and Family Engagement Policy


Part 1:  

Harmony Elementary jointly developed with, and distributes to, parents and family members of participating children a written parent and family engagement policy, agreed on by such parents, that shall describe the means for carrying out the requirements of ESSA Section 116 subsections (c) through (f).  Parents shall be notified of the policy in an understandable and uniform format and, to the extent practicable, provided in a language the parents can understand. Such policy shall be made available to the local community and updated periodically to meet the changing needs of parents and the school.   Section 1116 (b)(1) & (e)(5)

Harmony’s Campus Vision of Parent and Family Engagement

 Ultimately, Harmony Elementary promotes a partnership of teachers and parents working together supporting the wellness of each child.  




Meet the Teacher: Drive Through and Google Classroom

August 13, 2020

Two time options: 10:00-11:30 a.m /4:00-6:00 p.m.

Open House and Parents’ Right to Know (Title 1)

October 6, 2020

Virtual 4:00 p.m.

Parent Conferences

October 12, 2020

Virtual; All day

Fall Semester Parent and Community Night  / Winter Wonderland

December 10, 2020

Drive Thru 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Spring Semester Parent and Community Night  / Fiesta Math Night

 April 15, 2021

Drive Thru 5:00-6:00 p.m.

  • PFE Policy Reviewed and Revised   May 28, 2020
  • PFE Policy Requests/Questions/Comment Contact:  Leslie Harrison
  • Policy Available and/or Distributed
    • Harmony’s website 
    • Title 1 Parents’ Right to Know Meeting
  • Campus Translation Procedure:  Harmony is attentive to the language barriers of its students and parents. The campus will ensure to disseminate information in an understandable format and in a language, parents and families can understand.  In the event, the format or content is not easily translatable, Harmony will encourage faculty and staff to utilize the district’s provided oral translation services in order to remove any language barriers. 

Campus Documents Translated:

  • Compact (English/Spanish)
  • Parent & Family Engagement Policy(Oral)
  • CG Plan & Scorecards (Oral)

Part 2: 

Harmony Elementary shall convene an annual meeting, at a convenient time, to which all parents of participating children shall be invited and encourage to attend to inform parents of their school’s participation under this part and to explain the requirements of this part, and the right of the parents to be involved; Section 1116 (c)(1)

 Title I Annual Meeting(s):



Conducted By

Reminder/Invitation Sent by


October 6, 2020

4:00 p.m. Virtual through Google Classroom

Leslie Harrison-Academic Facilitator

All Classroom Teachers

Stephanie Orsak--Class Dojo

Part 3

Harmony Elementary shall offer a flexible number of meetings, such as meetings in the morning or evening, and may provide, with funds provided under this part, transportation, childcare, or home visits, as such services relate to parental involvement; Section 1116 (c)(2)

Harmony offers its activities at various times and days of the week as well as throughout the year.  This is in effort to increase parent and family participation and the ability to highly engage with the school and their child(ren)’s academics.  Transportation and childcare are not provided for any of our listed activities.  Some examples include but not limited to:

  • Family Engagement Region 20 Webinars
  • District Wide Coffee with the Counselors
  • Fall Parent Conferences
    • Ideally, to help foster communication and support to parents, a Fall Parent Conference Day is scheduled for October 12, 2020.  Teachers will be communicating with parents for a designed time to conduct this conference.  During these parent/teacher conferences, each teacher reviewed BOY MAP Reading and Math results, Fountas and Pinnell Reading Instructional level, and behavior data.

 Part 4

Harmony Elementary shall involve parents, in an organized, ongoing, and timely way, in the planning, review, and improvement of programs under this part, including the planning, review, and improvement of the school parent and family engagement policy and the joint development of the schoolwide program plan under section 1114(b) (Campus Improvement Plan), except that if a school has in place a process for involving parents in the joint planning and design of the school’s programs, the school may use that process, if such process includes an adequate representation of parents of participating children; Section 1116 (c)(3) 

Harmony collects information and feedback from its students, parents/caregiver, and faculty for the betterment of its Parent and Family Engagement Plan.  The methods used to collect information and interests occur throughout the school year and in various manners, such as but not limited to

  • Site Base Meetings
  • Thought Exchange
  • Parent Surveys
  • Parent Conferences
  • ARD/504 Meetings
  • Title 1 Annual Meetings

Part 5

Harmony Elementary shall provide parents of participation children ---

 (A) timely information about programs;

 (B) a description and explanation of the curriculum in use at the school, the forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress, and the achievement levels of the challenging State academic standards; and 

(C) if requested by parents, opportunities for regular meetings to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their children, and respond to any such suggestions as soon as practicably possible; 

Section 1116 (c)(4) 

Harmony’s Parent & Family Engagement Policy and Plan is communicated at the Annual Title I Meeting and posted on the campus’s website, under “Family Resources.”  Information on all related events, activities and opportunities for parent/caregivers and families to engage and communicate with the campus may be received via the campus’s  Webpage, Class Dojo and monthly newsletters.  Campus teachers and administrative staff members may also be contacted via email or phone to receive timely information and schedule any applicable conference and meetings.

To receive information regarding curriculum and academic progress of students at Harmony, Campus teachers and administrators ensure that content delivered in the classroom remains aligned to district and state standards.  East Central ISD uses TCMPC and other guiding curriculum resources, such as a Curriculum Toolkit to ensure fidelity and conscentiency with the delivery of instruction;  Each campus also ensures to timely monitor student progress and competency of their staff. 

Harmony administers the following state and local academic assessments:

  • GOLD (PreK)
  • Mclass DIBELS (K-2, Dyslexia)
  • Quarter Assessments
  • NWEA MAP Reading Screener
  • NWEA MAP Math Screener
  • STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness)
  • TELPAS (Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System)
  • Behavior:  BUBS

Parent/Caregiver may access their child(ren)’s state testing information from the Texas Education Agency Parent Portal or contact the Program Facilitator;   Any other information related to academic progress and achievement level on local assessments contact your child(ren)’s teacher or school counselor; Harmony will also host parent and teachers conference during on October 12th to provide present academic levels.   Grades and attendance can be directly accessed off of TXCONNECT. 

 It is also the parent/caregivers right to request additional meetings and conferences as needed throughout the school year.  In addition as a Title I campus, the parents have the right to request  the qualifications of their student’s classroom teacher and any instructional staff that supports their child’s academic growth.  

 Parents have the right to know:

  • Whether the staff member has met state qualification and licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction. 
  • Whether the staff member is teaching under emergency or other provisional status through which state qualifications or licensing criteria have been waived. 
  • The degree major and any other graduate certifications or degrees held by the staff member, including the field of discipline of the certification or degree.
  • If their child(ren) has been assigned or has been taught for 4 or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who does meet applicable State certification requirements at the grade level and subject area in which the teacher has been assigned.

Part 6

Harmony Elementary Schoolwide Plan includes:

  • Staff Support
  • Instructional Subscriptions 
  • Professional development 
  • Supplemental resources
  • Parental Family Engagement Activities

 If the schoolwide program plan under section 1114(b) is not satisfactory, submit any parent requests and comments on the plan to: Leslie Harrison, Academic Facilitator

Part 7 

To ensure effective involvement of parents and to support a partnership among the school involved, parents, and the community to improve student academic achievement, Harmony Elementary shall: Section 1116 (e) 

 (i) provide assistance to parents of children served by the school, as appropriate, in understanding such topics as the challenging State academic standards, State and local academic assessments, the requirements of this part, and how to monitor a child’s progress and work with educators to improve the achievement of their children; Section 1116 (e)(1) 

Individuals to assist parents/caregivers to include but not limited to:

  • Counselors
  • Academic Facilitators
  • Teachers
  • Librarian
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Assistant Principal

(ii) provide materials and training to help parents to work with their children to improve their children’s achievement, such as literacy training and using technology (including education about the harms of copyright piracy), as appropriate, to foster parental involvement; Section 1116 (e)(2) 

 Materials/Resources available to train parents/caregivers include but not limited to:  Harmony “OUR FAMILIES” WEBSITE

  • Family Engagement on Demand
  • Title III parents of ELs Instructional Activity
  • Puente Al Futuro
  • Academic Nights
  • Technology Support with Videos on “ Family Resources” Tab
    • Google Classroom
    • TX Gradebook with Standard Based Grading
  • Technology Supports for Students
    • Raz-Kids:  Usernames and passwords were distributed to parents during Meet the Teacher
    • Education Galaxy:  usernames and passwords were distributed to parents during Meet the Teacher
    • Google Classrooms from each teacher (Remind App and Class Dojo)
  • Weekly/Monthly Newsletters from Classroom Teachers
  • Harmony’s Monthly Newsletter
  • “Our Families” link on Harmony’s webpage.
  • Facebook Live Sessions with Mr. Toscano
    • Special Education Edition on August 25, 2020
    • Dual Language Edition on August 26, 2020
  • YouTube with Live Chats

 iii) educate teachers, specialized instructional support personnel, principals, and other school leaders, and other staff, with the assistance of parents, in the value and utility of contributions of parents, and in how to reach out to, communicate with, and work with parents as equal partners, implement and coordinate parent programs, and build ties between parents and the school; Section 1116 (e)(3)  

  • Participation of Staff in Annual 1 Title 1 Meeting on October 6, 2020 

(iv) to the extent feasible and appropriate, coordinate and integrate parent involvement programs and activities with other Federal, State, and local programs, including public preschool programs, and conduct other activities, such as parent resource centers, that encourage and support parents in more fully participating in the education of their children; Section 1116 (e)(4) 

  • Operation School Bell 

(v) provide such other reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents may request. Section 1116 (e)(14)